Hi!  I’m Jackie Schomburg and I’m the artist, photographer, improvisor, (soon-to-be-recovering) perfectionist, and creative mastermind behind Mighty Panda Studio

The Mighty Panda is me on my best day – bold, confident, and ready to take on the world.  On my worst day, looking at this badass little guy helps me muster the courage to face whatever comes my way.  To me, he represents limitless opportunity, freedom when I feel trapped, bravery when I’m afraid, confidence when I doubt myself, enthusiasm when I’m burned out, and honesty in a world of b.s.  Plus he’s so stinkin’ proud of himself that it inspires me to stand up a little straighter and face the world head on.

My artwork represents who I am now and who I want to be.  After many years of only sharing completed, polished work with the public, I started sharing my rough, unpolished art journal drawings earlier this year as another way to face my issues with perfectionism.  To prove to myself that even rough and incomplete, I am enough.  Right now.  Today.  As is.  We all are.  I’d like to believe that this message of “enoughness” is reflected in my artwork. 

I believe that the hardest moments in life often bring the most powerful blessings.

I believe that God is love.

I believe that love heals.

I believe that art heals.

I believe that laughter heals.

I believe that we all need healing.

I believe that to be vulnerable and authentically oneself is to be brave.

I believe that such bravery is necessary.

I believe that our hearts and minds listen to the words we tell ourselves, so we might as well start telling ourselves that we are worthy of love and belonging because we are.

I believe that I have been the main thing standing in my own way, but I’m ready to step aside and give myself permission to move forward now.

I give you permission to do the same.


If you’re interested in more information on my paintingsjournal drawings, or prints of my art work, or would just like to say hi, I’d love to hear from you via e-mail or Facebook.

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